Talent Pipeline

A primary mission of our AUC institutions is to produce graduates across all disciplines who are prepared for tomorrow’s workforce. In an increasingly complex, technology-driven economy, talent has become the primary issue for corporate growth and re-location. Educating talent for an inclusive, diverse workforce is a priority for AUC and for the city of Chicago itself.

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We’re working towards this by partnering with the City of Chicago, The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, World Business Chicago, the Illinois Technology Association and industry to promote events showcasing the diverse talent educated at our institutions. Our work is coordinated through AUC’s Chicago Higher Education Career Services Executives Collaborative, (CHECSEC) consisting of the Career Services Directors of our members. 

We have also established a partnership to help our institutions’ students find micro-internships. Parker Dewey has established a partnership with America’s Urban Campus and our member institutions to offer micro-internships (those lasting four to six weeks) to provide students with real-life but limited internship experiences.

Attendees at 2019’s ThinkChicago/Lollapalooza sponsored by Chicago/NEXT of World Business Chicago. Students selected from AUC institutions got to meet tech industry leaders and attend the nationally famous music festival