Elevating Chicago

To fulfill our mission of highlighting Chicago’s educational and professional opportunities, we strive to work towards three main objectives:

  • Elevating the city as a higher education destination.
  • Developing a talent pipeline of Chicago-area students and graduates.
  • Utilizing our collective institutional resources to help improve the lives of all of our citizens

Elevating Chicago

“Chicago is…America’s Urban Campus!” The logo and tagline for America’s Urban Campus was inspired by the fact that the City of Chicago proper boasts one of the highest concentrations of post-secondary students in the U.S.

The idea for this tag line grew out of a conversation with the AUC University presidents, provosts and chancellors in January 2017. They urged the AUC member representatives to work collectively to develop messages and visuals that tell the story of why over 210,000 students have chosen our city for their undergraduate and graduate education.

We also share the journeys of some of those more than 210,000 students to highlight the transformative experiences Chicago has offered them; see our social media channels Link to Instagram account. to learn more about the impact higher education has had on our city’s young people. And check out our hashtags: #Americasurbancampus and #ChiHigherEd.

And, we also have hard data to back up the importance of Chicago’s higher education sector in producing talent, jobs, and support for the city as a whole. Our latest report, “Contributions of Chicago’s Colleges and Universities to the Chicago Economy: 2020” details the enrollment, graduation, degree, and ethnicity composition of our AUC members from 2010-2018, along with our contributions to Chicago’s Innovation Ecosystem. We’re sharing this data through our partnerships with the Chicago city government, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Choose Chicago, and World Business Chicago to emphasize the importance of higher education’s talent to the region’s economy.

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